03 January 2014

happy new year-2014

  • Assalammualaikum... hi there..its 2014 and here are my pending baby quilt which need to be done asap :-) its a gift for my dear family and friends..♡

12 December 2012

05 December 2012

Quilt with love

Thank you so much for being so patient to get these quilt done my dear friends. I hope it will bring happy faces to your loved one. Thank you once again.

18 July 2012

8 out of 12

 thank you to all participants of birthday block of the month ( BBM ) :)

02 July 2012

Unforgettable June

Alhamdulillah, to my dearest husband, I wanted to thank you for making my 38th birthday the most memorable birthday  I've ever had. ... It turned out to be the most simple but yet so lovely  evening with the delicious cheese  cake and a surprise present too :-)

Another unforgettable birthday gift was when my dearest friends came to visit me, as ive been waiting for them for nearly two months . I was so excited and happy just to entertained them all. I'm still so grateful that I was able to spend quality time with them, love you all my dearest sisters, i hope they enjoyed it as much as i did, Finally i want to thanked my wonderful family and friends for the warm birthday wishes and I am so blessed to be surrounded by you all.

Thank you once again and happy birthday to me :-)