22 March 2010

BOM-Professor's Bowtie for Kak Aton

BOM untuk kak aton .. pah siapkan awal.... esok pah pos ye kak aton

19 March 2010

Thank You Zila

terima kasih dear zila..... kak pah dapat award lg..... happy sangat2.... n tima kasih sekali lg yg teramat sgt... so sebab happy sgt2.. kak pah nak bagi award ni kat kawan2 yg lain :

kak dee
cik kema
kak azie
kak hanim
zila kassim
jaja kraf

terima la beautiful award ni.. kerana anda semua memang cantik :) cantik yg membawa banyak makna...

terima kasih.

16 March 2010

13 March 2010

My 1st Reversable tote

back view

inside view

front view

Just wanna try something new for me.... reversable bag... i guess so many of u already did this bag.. but as for me.. this is my 1st attempt doing it.... happy with the result..... but not very happy with the chosen fabric ... better try again next time..

09 March 2010

Suha New Smocking Top

i still don't have my fabric to continue with my quilt... so, to keep me busy justtt a little bit... i sewn suha smocking top as the smocking was ready last year, as if u all could remember my last post..

still need to do the button, this smocking top was my 1st attempt creating the top.. i ve no idea how it will turn out. i kept this top for about 4 yrs as far as i can remember.... but now the top got the owner..... i am happy with it...

this is nasuha posing with the top...since Nov last year. she became our new family members , still she misses her mum n dad badly.. i try my very best to make her happy staying with me... makjan loves u suha

Smocking For Baby Alia

hello all.. i managed to finish alia's smocking dress while i am resting from quilt marathon... just need a space n relax a bit.... i assemble the dress yesterday as the smocking was ready a few months back.

i hope it will fits her well.... next will be WIP for my little girl smocking..

happy sewing...

06 March 2010

Adorable Ayesha

another baby quilt... ordered fr Kak Da... now is pink for Ayesha...also a simple flower will do.. i will post to her next monday...

happy sewing ....

Haziq Blanket

Baby blanket for Haziq , ordered from my lovely SIL, Kak Da .... she wanted blue in colour, actually its hard to find blue fabby for a boy, as in KK not much choice, but i hope she will satisfied with the result..

Thanks Kak Da

For Newborn Sara

salam n hi to my friends out there... this is one more tote bag for little sara..... this bag was a gift fr Deelaila to her sister Deeyana who just gave birth to Sara..

so kind n so sweet... and i was happy too because they all like the bag....alhamdulillahh

next BOM awaits me...

05 March 2010

My House is Ready

Finally... n so happily to share with u all..... my house is ready.... after so long months..... :) i was so happy n excited to see my houses all in one piece, next...i need to do Aug Bom..

04 March 2010

Blue Blanket for Adib

Single quilt ordered by Suraya Salim for her one n only son, Adib.... she wanted to keep it as a surprise, n she did... Adib was so excited n happy when he saw his name written on the parcel..
( as requested by his mum ) .... i am glad n happy too..

01 March 2010

Bear Baby Blanket

hi all.. this is the finished product.... my bear was completed yesterday n i am satisfied with it, even not 100%. but i will try to make it even better next time/.

this baby blanket was from my friend n she requested a bear to be at the centre of the blanket.
i hope she will like it..