29 July 2009

Especially for You

hello..... another simple purse which i managed to get it done in 2 days..... still another 4 pink purse to go which my 2 boys will give it to thier teachers.....last minute project.

made this blue purse as a souvenir for my friends, hope they will like it. this will be my last project here in Kuching, so i will wrap up my sewing activities after i finish the 4 purses... so sad ..but yet feels happy too. :)

till then .... happy sewing

28 July 2009

As Simple as it can be

I still want to post the tote bag which still no strap attach.... :). will make it work soonest possible... also the simple pencil case for my friend who is doing bisness online...hope she will like it....

so after this .. i will be concentrating on my smocking dresses... requested by a few friends of mine.. i need to finish it if possible beforen Ramadhan....really hopes so...

there are 6 smocking dresses still in progress.. or should i say slowly progressing.... so wish me good luck n happy sewing to all.

27 July 2009

Last Fabric from Kuching

Assalammualaikum n hi to all my lovely friends wherever u are... yesterday i went to my favourite shop .... these are my last 3 japanese cotton which i bought to make smocking dress requested by a friend of mine
so sad that i will be leaving Kuching and move to Sibu next week... so .. no more shopping spree in Kuching,
but the good news is that before i go to Sibu, a friend of Kak Diah did contact me and soon we will become sewing partner.... :) and new shoping spree will take place..... hihihihi

till then .. happy day to u all....

21 July 2009

After a long holiday...

Well well well... i can call these purse as a warm up to my sewing machine....so before i starts my smocking dresses.. i decided to make some of these... just to loosen up my sewing machine n also my mucsles... hihi
ok... after this i will be very busy with my smocking dress requested from some of my friends for their daughter.

till then.... happy sewing..

16 July 2009

I am Back :)

Salam.. n hi to all my blog reader....its been so long since i update my blog...so sorry..... but now im back.. but still no new project to post... but i will post something new in a short time..
its good to be back :)
till then happy always