22 June 2009

Quilted Rose Tote

Hi all. its been a while since i update my blog.. been so busy lately... n will be very busy for the next 3 weeks,....but still finished making this tote bag for Erpha. u should visit her blog because she is so talented n i admired her sewing...... n i am really so inl ove with her smocking, cant explain in words.. so see it for yourself.

well.. next project is im working on my 1 n only smocking dress for baby damia, she just 2 months old... hope i can finish it by tomorrow. till then... happy sewing

15 June 2009

Special Sunbonnet Sue

A very special sunbonnet sue from sis aida to me.... really make me so happy, tq sooo much sis, i will hang it at my new home in Sibu soon
The letter with a very neat n cute handwritting n check out the date... :) so meaningful to me :)

The signature

Last but not least... the sue template.... i was asking kak aida about her sue project which was so beautiful... u can check out her sue project here. So after receiving this template... i need to study the template.... huhu ...because i never done it before.... soo good luck to me...n tq again kak.

08 June 2009

Happy 35th Birthday to me.....

my 2nd Birthday cake from loving hubby :)

Today is my 35th birthday..... tq for all the wishes from family n friends

02 June 2009

More Fabric Collection

japanese cotton
japanese cotton

japanese cotton

japanese cotton

kamdar cotton

kamdar cotton

ikea cotton :)

kamdar cotton :)
ikea cotton

ikea cotton

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