23 April 2010

Car Drawstring Bag

Car drawstring backpack for Along

Add a lining

my boys with their new bag

Along wanted the drawstring bag too., but he want to carry it as a backpack.. so i made this for him.

Angah with his small drawstring bag

22 April 2010

2nd Sunshine From Kak Dee

Wow .. 2nd sunshine in a day.... tq Kak Dee... even its the same as given by Zila.... but its from a different lovely person .. so i decided to post it here...

till then... lets cheer up our day by giving n receiving awards to others.

Nothing Much

cute purse... ermmm not sure what to put in it... as it too big for a coin.. too small to call it pencil case.. i ll think about it later..

this is a very simple drawstring bag for my boy.... i made this because this morning i saw him put his tracksuit n t shirt in a plastic bag. ..oh boy.. so next time, no more plastic bag dear..

Sunshine from Zila

Sunshine will bring happiness in so many ways... tq zila.. :)

Thanks Nannie :)

Another award fron dear nannie ... love her smocking dress ...

21 April 2010

Happy 12th Birthday Dear ALong

happy birthday to my dear along... mak jan wish u all the best in your future ahead. we love you

14 April 2010

New Tote

hi everyone.... this tote bag is for my auntie....

i hope she will like the color that i chose for her... till then.. still pending a few single quilt... hope i can finish it by end of April...

13 April 2010

Another Simple Case

A very simple pencil case for my sons.. along n angah... at last i can gave them what they ve been asking for quiet sometimes... they wanted their case not so girly or boyish.. so my hubby old jeans need to be scarifies for more project.... till then... keep on sewing...

11 April 2010

Simple Project

my 1st needle book, at last i did something for myself ... soo happy

the embroidery... not so neat . :) but love the cute button... also from button planet n zilakassim... tq

inside.. i used colorful felt...

also for my scissor

simple purse as a gift

also as a gift

my pin cushion...love the tape button from button planet.. tq

using love pattern felt on top

06 April 2010

Set Of 5

i ve finished another 5 set of bag, these bag was ordered by my friend bff, Nurin. such a nice lady that she wants to give it to her loves one.

the bag was originally named Muadz, u can find it here which i made for my niece muadz to put all his belongings .at first the bag was smaller n simpler, then i did a little changes to fit the need from my friends

from there, Muadz bag makes me so busy completing all orders. so ... thanks to muadz n all the bags owner.

02 April 2010

Newborn Aminah

its been quite sometimes since i posted my sewing project...i this is for newborn aminah.... colour chosen by her auntie... siti hasniza....lovely ....

now i am busy with a few bags.. then will slow down making quilt for others.... its time for my little girl n boys quilt...

take care