23 December 2010

19 down, 11 to go

As i had promised my mum a year ago, to make 30 simple pouch for my mum yassin group. felt so guilty, i forced myself to do it no matter what.. :)

At last... i managed to sewn 19 out of 30 pouch..... so i need to go for fabric hunting to continue making 11 more......wish me good luck..

22 December 2010

Quilt for Mua'dz

this blanket is still in WIP , want to give it to my dear muadz...on his next year birthday present as he turn 7, hope u will like it dear...

07 December 2010

Maal Hijrah 1432

salam maal hijrah buat seluruh umat islam di seluruh dunia.... semoga tahun baru ni akan memberi sinar perubahan yang di redhai Allah.. amin

11 November 2010

Congratulation my dear

alhamdulillah, my son Along got 5A s in his UPSR exam, no words can describe how happy i felt. i am very proud of u my son.... all the best in ur future ahead....and also thank you for all the wishes n duas from my beloved family and friends....

10 November 2010

My Purple Camera Casing

this is my new casing.... i ve decide to get it done as the old casing was not in a good shape....im using the combination of my purple stash n also from MyBotang, tq su...

actually, while sewing it, i was not so sure how it will turn out,but it just ok i guess, to warm up myself n my machine...well i need to search for the correct way in doing it..

till then, happy sewing

09 November 2010

Purple For Mikhael

Fabric was chosen by mikhael's mum, i added a bright purple fabby, hope mikhael n mum will love the purple quilt, mikhael is nearly 2 months old.

a small gift from me to mikhael,

30 October 2010

30102010- Pink for Wawa

After 3 to 4 months of not doing any sewing, i forced myself to get wawa single quilt done.... alhamdulillah....after a long search of pink fabric in KK, finally i was happy with the result, i mean another simple square quilt.

i apologized to my new friend here in Tenom, Zahara for waiting so long for the quilt to be done, but as i promised to her, i will get it ready before 3rd nov, which is her lovely wawa's 11th birthday. According to Zahra, wawa love it as her name was specially sewn.

Happy birthday wawa.... sleep tight. :) as for me... still hunting for a nice fabby, and i will continue my passion on sewing......

till then.... welcome back pah

23 October 2010

Happy 61st Birthday Mama

happy birthday to my dearest mum..... wishing u will live happily and healthily forever...... ur a very lovable person n put a smiley face in good n bad time.. love u so much mama....

17 September 2010

Happy 10th Birthday dear Suha

happy birthday to my sweetie suha... may Allah bless u n all the best in your future dear.... mak jan will always loves you....

06 September 2010

Salam Lebaran 2010

Salam Lebaran , maaf zahir batin kepada semua yg mengenali diri ini.

10 August 2010

Ramadhan Kareem 2010

Wishing all Muslim family and friends out there, salam Ramadhan al mubarak

07 August 2010

All The Way Fr Japan

all sort out

Recently, i ve bought FQ, FE, scrappy bag and unsorted scrappy bag from Sue, u can check out her blog here.... just love her creation.... tq sue.

at the moment i will keep it coz now im too busy helping my son with his revision as he s exam is just around the corner.... wishing u all the best dear along

16 July 2010

BOM-Professor's Bowtie from Kak Aton

semlm dapat BOM dr kak aton.. tq kak aton... .. pah dah ade 7 BOM termasuk pah punyer... ade 5 lg dr kawan2 blom dapat... harapan tinggi menggunung ni nk siapkan quilt ..hihih.. harap kawan yg amik bahagian dapat melunaskan BOM pah ye... TQSM

12 July 2010

Drawstring Bags

for wafiqah

for razi

for mums

for farabi

my friends wanted a drawstring bag for their kids when they saw my 1st drawstring made for my boys, so here it is, hope they will love it.

09 July 2010

1st Place - TQ Erpha

lovely award..... dah lama tak dapat award.... erpha yg bagi award ni.... :) tq dear.... kakpah memang suka pi blog erpha... she really good in making smocking dresses... love the pattern, the fabric also the design... very exclusive.. keep it up dear... u inspired me a lot. thanks again

1 lagi yg unik nye pasal erpha ni... dia buat baju untuk barbie doll... sooo cute dan tersgt la sabar nyer dia.. so better check out her blog ok..

01 July 2010

BOM Quilt 2010 - Updated

my BOM

from Kak Dee

from Cik Kema

from Fida

thank you and still waiting :) happy BOM-ing dear friends