26 March 2009

Cosmetic Purse

strawberry printed.. feel like eating it?
interested ? can email me... tq.

1st time hand quilt.. tapi sikit tu jek hihihih.. ok ke?.. tak sure la guna benang ape.. tapi tu guna benang DMC.... kalau salah harap dibetulkan ye wahai kakak2 n kawan2 yg pro hand quilt.

March Come Over 2 My House BLock

Hi to everyone who participate in this BOM. i faced some difficulties while doing this block... emmmm theres a template to be use to cut the roof but i dont follow the instruction. or is it ok or not? im not sure. so here s the finish block which not really accurate i guess... maybe i should redo it.
Maybe anyone of my dear friend can give me an advise or an explanation would be much appreciated... :) tq

Lilstitchy Giveaway

wow wow.. another giveaway from a lovely crafter , lian, this is my second giveaway... hope im lucky enough to win this time....hihihi

Lian, kakpah baru jek kenal lian n ur blog, but i fall in love at the 1st sight with ur stuff, really cute n adorable..also there are hundredsof tutorial that will help me a lot.
so pd sape2 yg blom join.. meh join ramai... hihi (biasenyer kakpah la yg last join :)

24 March 2009

My Lesson

teach me a lesson :)

emm.... a must have handles... :)

must have... where can i buy theseeee? must learn the technic

cute buttons

22 March 2009

School Holiday Projects

big brown bag, or should i call this a tote?..
for my sis in law

Red pensilcase

Blue pensilcase

hi to all my friend.. selamat bersekolah semula kepada para2 ibu, i mean anak2 la hihi .. :) wah wah ramai pergi berholiday cuti sekolah ni ye.. best2 ... as for me... pi cuti dekat2 jek.. tak balik kampung pun hhuhu..
ok ok.. ni ade sikit la projek bag lagi .. ni sume atas permintaan rakan2 n taulan ...projek ni disiapkan pd cuti sekolah yg lepas ..
ok till then. oh ya.. kepada rakan2 yg ade BOM.. block mac dah buat ke blom? hihihi,, jom jom kite mula.

18 March 2009

Maya Giveaway

Hello.. ni 1st time join giveaway... memandangkan ramai yg dah join.. kakpah tak la ketinggalan ye tak maya.. nak cuba nasib kan kot mana la tau dapat tote yg ade pokok tu .... tapi dah terlambat ke ? alamak....

blog maya ni memang memberikan idea yg comel n creative.. 1st of all, kakpah tertarik dgn
name embroidery maya nih.... then add link blog maya .. then .. hari2 nak visit blog maya.. :)
ok pd sapa yg blom tu ... cepat2 jom2 mari2 kite meriah kan giveaway maya nih
good luck

14 March 2009

My 50th Post

i bought chinese book for the 1st time

bought this too

i like this

like this one too

plan to make 1 for me

i should try this..

Assalammualaikum n hi to all. Today is my 50th post.... so excited about it because to think back, i was not very interested in doing blogging but most of my cyber friend really encourage me to do so.
So, here i am.... managed to get together a bunch list of friends from all over the country and also from abroad. I am glad n thankful to get to know you guys, thank you for being such a nice n sharing n helpful friend.

Well, never in my life, i bought a chinese book, even i love korean n japanese movies. But yesterday i did it, influence by my cyberfriend, zurra, kak aida, aleesya n a few more. They really makes me wanna try something new. So, i posted almost all the contents, which is mostly are bags.

Also, i just finished 4 simple purses just to warming up my day, before i starts something big :) big?.... :)

09 March 2009

Sisterhood Award From Alviana

Assalamualaikum n hi to all. Selamat menyambut Maulidurrasul to all muslims out there.
Sweet n talented Alviana has nominates me with this award. This is the 2nd award i received from my blog friend. Thank you so much Alviana.

The rules:

1 Place the award logo on your blog.
2 Nominate 10 other blogs which show "Attitude and/or Gratitude"
3 Link to the nominees on your blog post.
4 Comment on their blog that you have nominated them.
5 Share the love and link to the person who nominated you

So, to follow the rules, i have chosen 10 lovely friends to receive the award. They are:

1. Kak Diah - her collection of quilts n different kinds of bag gives me lots of ideas. Her superb creativity up till end product really inspired me.

2. Maz - Known her just in a short period of time, but i really like her work, she used the colour which can shine you all day.

3. Aida - She makes bag too, i just love bags n need more to learn. i love her finish product, simple, nice, n eyecatching. She is on quilt too, so full of great patterns.

4. Niena - She make bags too... n of course quilt. hihih i just love her creation, and it gives me ideas.... yup... ideas.. :) tq kak.

5. Fida - Mum to cute alicia n a son named norman, both of them are cute. Fida specialize in patchwork, quilts n many more. i adore her creativity n also her info sharing really helps me a lot.

6. Aleesa - Her blogs so very cute, full of so many stories, stuff n crafts n really so much fun to visit and make friend too.

7. Akma - Recently know her n her bb ryan... so cute too. she makes bb quilt, also she is funny n nice to chat with . hhihihi

8. Zurra - Sew Cute is her blog which full of cute, adorable, lovely, pretty stuff. She is well known as a super sewer, she can do anything n really serious in her work n will go further to be a businesswoman. You go girl.

9. Gee - Mum to a cute n adorable BB D. She make gorgeous smocking dress. Her smocking dress really makes me want to learn more about smocking. What i love about her is that she will explain to you until u really really understand, if you re not, she will notice that , hihihi .You should go to her blog.

10.Hany - I miss her daughter, fiefy. hany make smocking and her dress was very neat, i admired her because she can really make smocking just in a short learning process. Keep it up girl.
So, lets visit these inspiring blog.

My Blues Collection

Check out the handle....just learning new things

make-up bag

make-up purse
Simple handbag
emmm... what should i call this ?..flip flap purse....similar to envelope clutch or im not sure.. hihihi ...

Shoulder bag

Sling bag for kids

Suitable for students or emmm a shopping bag

At last i managed to finish all these blue collection... emm... theres more awaits me....but next will be pink or black n white collection.. or maybe mixed colour.. we ll see about that.

03 March 2009

February Block Challenge

Lamanye nak siapkan apartment blok feb nih.. kawan2 yg lain dah siap... kite baru terhegeh2 .... memang payah nak buat apartment ni sebab very small piece.. but at last.... manage to finished. looking forward on march block... hope it will much easier :)

02 March 2009