26 March 2009

March Come Over 2 My House BLock

Hi to everyone who participate in this BOM. i faced some difficulties while doing this block... emmmm theres a template to be use to cut the roof but i dont follow the instruction. or is it ok or not? im not sure. so here s the finish block which not really accurate i guess... maybe i should redo it.
Maybe anyone of my dear friend can give me an advise or an explanation would be much appreciated... :) tq


Hobby Mummy said...

Pah , maz pun tak guna template, maz rasa maz nyer block tu cam tak betul jer.Senget2 :)

MamaDaniel said...

Dah siap dah kak pah punyer.. saya sangkut kat roof dia lagi.. kena guna template kan?

Sharifah said...

zila... kakpah punyer tak accurate tu. emm pening gak... tak jumpe templat etu