03 March 2009

February Block Challenge

Lamanye nak siapkan apartment blok feb nih.. kawan2 yg lain dah siap... kite baru terhegeh2 .... memang payah nak buat apartment ni sebab very small piece.. but at last.... manage to finished. looking forward on march block... hope it will much easier :)


rocio said...

este es un tema muy interesante gracias por publicarlo.

Dionne said...

Nice blocks! I especially like the dark blue with gingham roof.

niena said...

Alamak..I still havent started with my apartment yet. Busy with baby blanket for my friend. Next week baru I start.

Alviana said...

Hi kak pah!
Chayo2! Hehe.
They all look beautifuls. Keep it up k.

I have nominate you for an award. Feel free to visit my blog to pick it up :)