26 March 2009

Lilstitchy Giveaway

wow wow.. another giveaway from a lovely crafter , lian, this is my second giveaway... hope im lucky enough to win this time....hihihi

Lian, kakpah baru jek kenal lian n ur blog, but i fall in love at the 1st sight with ur stuff, really cute n adorable..also there are hundredsof tutorial that will help me a lot.
so pd sape2 yg blom join.. meh join ramai... hihi (biasenyer kakpah la yg last join :)


FRB said...

kak, frb dah join...
suka sngat tngok craft yg akk buat. cantik & cute. rasa mcm nak suruh je akk buatkan satu.. hehe

Sharifah said...

hai frb.. emm dari mana? tq tq... kakpah suke buat bag.. n i miss my smocking jugak..

frb nak yg mana 1 nanti confirmkan k

tq n take care