11 November 2011

11-11-11 WIP

Today is 11/11/11 which is a unique date. So because of that, i am so excited to finish this quilt for my daughter,Nasuha. I had purchased her favorite blue fabric with roses printed a few months back. Hope i can finish it soonest possible. Love the fabric, still im not sure about the colour combination. But kak Aida said its a sweet colour and suggested to finish the quilt with pink binding :) so happy and can't wait to get it done. Thanks sis, you inspired me, a lot :)

01 November 2011

Ladybugs in Polka Dotville

My next project will be this so cute ladybugs in polka dot ville. My sister in law, Hany came out with the idea since early this year, but due to some reason, only recently i manage to study the instruction. Then slowly i have bought and collected the polka dot fabrics, and will try to create n match the colour. And now i can proceed after reading and understanding the 1st part of the instruction, but have not decided whether to do the 1st or 2nd ladybug, both are so yummy. So far, only the three of us can't wait to start exploring the Dotville. So Ayu and Hany, lets do it :)

For those who are really interested in joining Hany, ayu n myself, lets visit the dotville blog by click HERE

62 Years Old

Alhamdulillah, my mum celebrated her 62nd birthday on 22nd October 2011. Love you so much and hoping you will be as cheerful as before. Special thanks to my hubby for giving me the chance to be with mama on her birthday as i went back to my hometown for a week. Love you so much yang..

My B.O.M Queen Quilt

Hi my dearest bloggers friends. Its been awhile since my last post, thank you very much for those who still visiting my blog. Presenting my one and only queen size quilt, its just the top, which took me almost 2 yrs to complete the top due to some unexpected reason. But finally i can move on to complete this task. The colour combination was my hubby ideas which are blue n green. Next, i will do the batting n hopefully can finish it soonest possible.