21 January 2012

Happy 2012 :)

Thank you to all my friends who are willing to wait a couple of months for their quilt to be ready. I honestly thank you for all your support. Till then, its time for BBM ( birthday block of the month) project .. :D There are 12 of us who join BBM, each one of us need to sew 1 block per month n give it to birthday baby of the month.. Sounds so interesting. I will keep you updated ... Oh .. Happy Dragon Year to all my Chinese friends....

02 January 2012

Simple gifts

These are the simple gifts from me to my adorable nieces, nephews and also my great nephew, so i became a nanny now :) , congratulation to all of you for having kids and also pray for those who are waiting for this priceless gift.

Will be busy finishing my hubby and daughter queen size quilt.... till then.... baby on board :)