31 October 2009

A Pink Purse From Kak Dee

hello everybody... remember ADR giveaway? i won all these... a love pink purse, a magazine n a tiny cute beads, thanks Kak Dee, n many more great giveaway from you....

till then... enjoy ur weekend ....

30 October 2009

My Label

hi everybody.....i was so happy because my own label that i ordered from skin just arrive and its like dream came thru....now i can use it rather than dream of it...

my label was designed by my loving hubby and named ajan... which is my nick name at home... called by those people who loves me n i loved them so very much,.. they called me... jan, ajan, mak jan( means auntie), enda jan ( means auntie in arabic) n kak jan... hihihi so its a bit of introduction....

so .... i hope the label will brings lots n lots n lots of luck and happiness to all of us... till then.... happy sewing..

September BOM Done

siap dah rumah septenber... rumah terakhir.... october n november buat pokok pulak.. then december dah bole jadi kan wall hanging.. wuiiiiihhh tak sabo la nak tunggu december... jom kawan2... kite selesaikan rumah2 kite nih.

29 October 2009

August House

kali ni pintu rumah merah mak ngah.. ihihih tak tau la napa letak merah... cam terang sgt jek ekk.. tapi tak pe la sesekali kan...

ok ladies...... i am now moving to sept block.... come n join me..

July Blue BOM

satu lagi rumah.. kali ni guna biru pulak la.... kak aida dah mula tu ... best best... maz,... mana rumah.... kak niena..... where rrrrrrrrrrrr uuuuuuu... hihihihi

June BOM

hhaahhahhahha..... siap jugak rumah nih.... meh kawan2.... teruskan usaha membuat rumah2 yg cute nih

26 October 2009

May Block - much easier

I am glad that managed to finish may block earlier than i expected... its much easier than april block ... but i won't give up easily ... so now i am moving to June block... see ya

p/s... maz, welcome... n jom buat rumahhhhh....

24 October 2009

April Country Home - COTMH

At last, jadi n siap jugak blok april ni kak dee.. tq kak de sebab bg pah notes.... ketinggalan banyak dah nih... tak tau la leh catch up ke tak till sept....

dear sis niena.... meh la buat blok ni... huhuhhu

22 October 2009

I Am Lucky....tq ADR's Giveaway

ADR's TREASURES is celebrating its FIRST blogovesary and also.......her birthday on the October 21st.

I am the lucky no.4 ... thanks Kak Dee n cogratulation to all the winners.......
  1. mamaalicianorman
  2. tinntinn
  3. naiz
  4. sharifah
  5. shima
  6. ayu
  7. elaine
  8. mamadaniel
  9. juniza
  10. mina

The Lucky 10 winners

Well, after more than a week my giveaway took place... so its about time to announce the lucky winner... thank you to all of you who participate n its a great honor knowing you all.

because this was my 1st giveaway, i am sorry if there were mistakes here n there... hope you all enjoy the moment....

by using the random.org, i now pronounce the lucky winners, they are

True Random Number Service

List Randomizer

There were 31 items in your list. Here they are in random order:

there are the 10 lucky winners ( i added another 4 gifts to my friends, hope you like it, and twill post the gifts later tonight )congrats n please email me your address n phone number ok... tq

  1. 1. my rayyan - smocking cushion cover
  2. 2. diahrothman - 1mtr polka dot fabby
  3. 3. syakila - 1mtr black n white fabby
  4. 4. hany - mini pink purse
  5. 5. zai kulim - purple pencil case
  6. 6. trisya aleesa jamil @arween - mini pink purse
  7. 7. azie - bag handle
  8. 8. hobby mummy - 1/2mtr floral fabby ++
  9. 9. lefadesign - 1/2 mtr floral fabby ++
  10. 10.nea flerida - magazine + buttons ++
  11. azzanaz
  12. nea flerida
  13. jom makan
  14. shaparin
  15. hobby mummy
  16. ibu_arifa
  17. trisya aleesa jamil @ arween
  18. diesha
  19. shaparin
  20. lefadesign
  21. rai
  22. nurain
  23. mrs.fedex
  24. alviana
  25. naiz
  26. mama alicianorman
  27. mama alicianorman
  28. inahasan
  29. trisya aleesa jamil
  30. nea flerida
  31. sherry

11 October 2009

My 100th Post Giveaway

Assalammualaikum n hi to all my dear friend.... today is the day i ve been waiting for , its my 100th post giveaway.. i choose this date, 11/10/09 for my 100th entry is because my sis in law just delivered her 1st baby. meaning another joy to our family... its a boy..

i was so happy to get to know many friends thru blogging and so blessed n totally inspired by all of you out there, a million thanks for your support, so please enter my giveaway and who knows u can win some of this gifts.

To enter this giveaway, as simple as,
- Be a follower
- Give as many comment as you wish
- Make a post in your blog n link

My giveaway will starts now till 21st Oct 2009 n will announce the winner on 22nd October 2009 (my lovely mom birthday )

So .... why wait.... join n win....good luck

smocking cushion cover

polka dot fabby

scrapbook magazine

my mini purse

purple purse

white bag handle

08 October 2009

My 99th Entry

my sewing corner updated...just added some fabric

my mini purse..... its for my 100th giveaway,believe it or not? :) since this will be my ever 1st giveaway n also to appreciate my blog reader... it will take a while to choose n decide the prizes as a giveaway, so nervous about this. so when? hihihi....i let you all know in a very short period of time.. care to join..

another unfinished purple pencil case,

mini makeover , i sewn this table cloth today.. just a simple one, no quilting, just to warm up my sewing mood.

05 October 2009

Unbelievable, I won

My Little Touch Giveaway No. 1 Hexagon Flower Pincushion

check this out... i still cannot blieve it... i won this no.1 prize.... never before i felt this way.. happy happy happyyy.. til then.. wait for my 1st giveaway orait..... :) ....when?. ermmmm.. my 100th post just around the corner.... :)

02 October 2009

Raya Fabric

beli kat kluang



kamdar kl

kamdar kl

beli kat nagoya kl, ada 2 warna..black n brown

dr kedai kain di bandar kluang...

kamdar kl



nagoya kl

beli kat kluang..