30 June 2010

Blue n Red

Giveaway - MyBotang Crafty Corner

Set 1: moose print by Robert Kaufman and cotton polka dot fabric

Set 2: cotton polka dot fabric and sakura motif print in light pink

10th anniversary giveaway from su, just love the fabric..... wishing u n hubby a very happily ever after marriage. you should check out her blog here.

26 June 2010

3 years Ago

i made this smocking dress for suha when she was 7 years old... what was i been thinking ??.. :) .. so big n yet not suitable for her..

but now, she is 10 years old and it fits her well. i am so happy to see her smiley face.

For You Ammar

A very long due ammar's quilt... i adjusted the picture as the finished photos in my memory card had been attacked by so cruel virus, so sad...
i just hope that ammar will love it.

23 June 2010

Happy Birthday baby Caca

after 2 months of waiting, finally caca received her quilt before her 1st birthday which is on the 29th June, i was very happy to be able to finished it. my big apologize goes to my friend hayati,( caca's auntie) because patiently ordered n waited for 2 months.... tq my friend for your support.

this will be my last quilt till oct 2010. due to a very tight schedule, I've decided to take a short break from receiving any orders. hoping that my decision will not disappointing my loyal customer.

till then... happy sewing.....

20 June 2010

Happy Father's Day-i love u baba

Happy father's day to all dad out there.... as my lovely dad passed away 29 years ago, when i was 7 years old.. how time flies... miss u badly dad...

Al-fatihah untuk baba tersayang..... Syed Abd Kadir b Syed Salim Al-attas..... semoga rohnyer dicucuri rahmat dan berada di tempat orang2 yg beriman... amin ya rabbal alaminnnn

15 June 2010

Belt for Suha

not so neat... but she still can wear it.. next time i ll improve the technic., the buckle i got it from an old shop selling sewing stuff, just for rm2, so its a good deal, i like the pattern.

my 1st attempt on belt making... i was inspired by zura from sew retro chic.. check out her blog.. i just love it, thanks zura.... but due to some reason i do it my way.. till then happy stitching

13 June 2010

BOM-Meet Me in The Middle for Kak Dee

ni BOM july kak dee.... buat awal sikit sekali ngan my june BOM.... hope u will like it kak dee...dah pilih kain brown n pink untuk cik kema yg cun.... plan nk buat tadi tapi dah termengantok la pulokk... ok cik kema.. nanti2 kakpah buat k....

My BOM-Half Moon Star

Hari ni buat 2 BOM... 1 for me.. 1 for kak dee julai BOM.. next week pah bole pos ... tunggu ye kak dee... next Aug BOM untuk Cik Kema comel... :) ok mari kite memeriahkan lg BOM kite ni ...
kite update ramai2 okayy..

12 June 2010

BOM-Cross My Starry Heart from Cik Kema

BOM kedua yg sampai tadi dari Cik Kema... suker suker suker ....so kene la kakpah update kn.. so cik kema tau yg BOM dia dah selamat sampaiiiii... tq cik kema comel... tunggu BOM dr kawan2 yg lain pulak tq all

10 June 2010

BOM- Two-patch From Fida

Bulan jun ni giliran saya pulak dapat BOM dr kawan2... so n 1st BOM dr fida... tq fida tengah berholiday di US, yg lain in the way .... seperti Cik kema, Maz, Kak Dee, tak sabar nyer nk dpt.. tq all

09 June 2010

My 1st Smocking Drawstring with RE

my Suha testing the bag

my dear hubby did help me with the string...i can say it was a complicated task but he managed to do it.... thanks dear.. :)

This is my 1st attempt making smocking drawstring bag with RE.... my mum in law requested this kind of bag to participate in a competition organized by WI which will be held this month in Arau, Perlis. At first , i was not sure how it will turns up.,as my RE is in a beginner stage , but quiet happy with the result. My MIL is the president of WI Perlis. Hope she will like it... :)

till then .. wish me good luck :)

BOM-Chocolate Dipped Kite for Fawa

lama sungguh tak update blog email FB...... rase cam tak best bile tak leh nk online... alhamdulillahhh... baru 2 hari laptop ok... ni fawa punyer..harap fawa suka... n kakpah tunggu add baru untuk pos....
bulan june ni saya akan terima 11 BOM dr kawan2.. yahooo n best btol la..
ok.. nanti update lg k ..
miss u all mmmuuaaahhhh