30 April 2009

Giveaway From Hani

Another giveaway, just to try my luck, its Hani's birtday giveaway, so happy belated birthday Hani dear, for those who are interested, just click Hani to participate. bye bye

My 3rd Award

hi all.. this is my 3rd award , which is from mas, thanks mas... i just met her thru aween, but felt like knowing her for ages.. thats how i felt with all my bloggers friend. So, this award goes to each n everyone of my bloggers friend. To name a few n to make it simple but meaningful:

kak niena : i love all her quilting, so patient with hand quilting.
kak aida : i love all her bags, bb quilt with handquilt too, n her stories
kak aniza : u should visit her blog.. just knew her, but with very outstanding project
kak diah : she is a super woman.. active with WI, just like my mum in law
kak nannie : a lady with a smocking passion
maz : briliant in choosing matching colours
dija : sweet lady with adorable bb girl
zila : sweet mum with tonnes of sewing passion
fuzzy : org kampung kakpah nih :) lovely blog
cik kema : very funy, n very talkative person, even we never met :)

so , lets us visit them.... tilll then.. bye bye.

29 April 2009

Busy Bee

Assalammualaikun n hi .... now that i am busy to finish up my smocking dress requested by a friend of mine... here are 4 pleated fabric waiting to be smock.. till then .. i will post the end result once done.. it will take a while to finish it..

20 April 2009

Fabric Not For Sale

hi ...new fabric for my own collections,....cara gambar fabric ni diambil ikut cara kawan2 kat blog :) ,close up , menarik, tapi tak de kod.... sebab bukan untuk dijual.. .. tq guys...

11 April 2009

Ben 10 + 2

Along with his not so ready ben 10

Angah posing with his ready ben 10

Hi all.... as i promised ealier... i ve done 2 single quilted or may i call it comforter as not much quilting required. I bought an ordinary fabby, then i just sewthe top, the batting n the backing together. i tried hand quilt as the batting was so thick n my sewing machine cant afford the pressure. the hand quilt was just for the round pattern. I managed to finished it n the boys were so happy. Actually i wanna try Ben 10 applique which done by Sis Niena for her son, but im running out of time as i need to concentrate on my smocking projects...maybe next time i will try.

Table Runner

Ni adalah table runner yg lamaaaa sgt nak disiapkan.. at last siap jugak.... tapi tak letak atas meja.... letak kat kabinet hiasan nie..hihih..tapi tengok la... tak cun panjang nyer .. ade telebih sikit.... emmm.. lain kali ukur btol2 ye pah :)

10 April 2009

Strawberry Sling Bag

A simple sling bag, made from my previous strawberry printed, i added with tiny bycycle button. I purposely use polkadot for Kamila.

The same sling but with a star printed fabby, to bring slightly different look for Adani
Assalammualaikum n hi to all my friend..
Almost 2 weeks i did not post any entry , due to my hubby laptop "sick". so within that time... im working on my boys comforter... a simple 1, will post later..
Tomorrow my hubby is going to KL, so i ve decided to gift the simple sling bag as a birthday present to my cousin's daughter, Amni Adani where she will be celebrating her 8th birthday next week. Also i made 1 more for Adani's cousin, Kamila. I never gave Kamila my handmade bag, so i thought why not, so both of them can enjoy wearing it.
Well, after this i will be busy with my smocking dress, there are a few need to be done in this short period of time. I mean by end of may, i need to finish sewing the dress. So, i will be attach more into smocking.

01 April 2009

Pink Power

my pink

similar pattern to the previous bag, but a bit different in colour

Another handbag n a tote for my friends. Also, a tote for me, its been a while since i make any for myself.

Time Saver with Clover

My new gadget really helps me a lot :)