31 January 2010

BOM 2010 updated

ni kakpah copy paste dr cik kema.. tq so very much cik kema sayangggg,. :)

27 January 2010

Baby Iqbal

Name was embroidered using felt...

Another blanket for baby Iqbal... a friend of mind wanted to be yellow in colour... not much yellow fabby in my collection.. n yet so hard to find it.. so i i cut the strip from ikea fabby combining it with the only yellow fabby from my own. . i hope she will like it

26 January 2010

1 yr Ago...

My 1st ever bishop for my Suha... this was made last year n her mum said it only fits her this year.....

suha with bishop by me n fiefy with kaleidoscope by hany

23 January 2010

Bella n Ika

I am using my label for the 1st time

These two bags was supposed to be as exactly as Muadz bag.... but.. because muadz bag was soooo simple... n yet its a gift for my muadz.. i ve decided to change the pattern for Bella n Ika.... to look much more bigger n better :)

WIP - updated

red strawberry



red square


these set of 5 baby blanket ordered by Yana... she wanted to give it as a present for her family n friend.... due to short notice, i managed to finished it, she wanted a coloruful blanket or baby girl n boys....

now she is pregnant n i hope she will be happy with the color that chosen by me...