11 December 2011

My Polkadotville

I've finally finished up my polkadotville, i cant even wait for the ladybug to be done..so i hang it first then later will do the ladybug. :) whats next? i might get myself involve in doing something new :D till then keep on quilting....

Princess Aleesya

My friend asked me to make Aleesya baby quilt as a gift to her dear friend. It was a short request, but i managed to get it done less than a week. Thanks Nitty :)

07 December 2011

Happy Birthday, i love u dear

4/12/11 - Happy birthday to my dearest hubby, Syed Muhammad Syed Abu Bakar, wish that you will always have loving friends and family standing by your side every birthday,, may Allah bless you with happiness, joy, success, wisdom and love. After all, a wonderful person like you deserves only the best! Happy Birthday to you my love...