10 March 2011


the exterior, k.rosni s idea, she said better this fabric to be as exterior.. well.. she was right... :) i love it too.tq k.rosni.

Finally, i am done with my reversible bucket bag. this was the sew along organized by sue from mybotang crafty corner a month ago. i had a difficulties while attaching the base, the handle and mainly i got problem while trying so hard understanding the instruction n the pattern... but it just so worth it. and i am proud of myself to be able to finished it before the time line. yeayyy..

till then i can enjoy my school holiday and have a break from sewing. i will be back. :)

Danish Quilt

another quilt and this will be the last quilt of the month n also many months to come. :) order will be open maybe around sept or oct 2011. here danish and the train quilt ... thanks avia.... i am hoping your sweet danish will have a good night sleep....

Baby set for Jaja

my 1st attempt making baby set... i was not sure about the size of the pillow n bolster.. i just do it my way... hope jaja will be happy with the strip she chose. no names on the quilt because the baby is still in her mummy's tummy... :) wishing jaja n hubby will be bless with their newborn baby in the family soon...

07 March 2011

Happy monday morning

hi all, again, another bag with the same fabric from ikea.. :) thats all i got. hope u wont feel bored. these are for her darling angle izz and aileen. mida requested green color n a bear for baby izz. i was not sure about the bear, but hopefully its really a bear.. hhaha.... and for her sweet aileen, mida pick the love printed fabric together with the flower and a butterfly. hope she will be happy once the bags reach her together with thea laila quilt.

i need to catch up with my reversible bucket bag, :) bye for now

04 March 2011

Thea Laila Khadieja

assalammualaikum.. i ve been working on thea laila khadieja quilt for about a week ago... such a beautiful name. my friend mida wanted to give it as a present to her niece. mida requested 4 combination of red, pink, white and green. at 1st i was not so sure how to match it...finally this is the colourful quilt .i really hope that mida will love it....

so to my dear sewing friends... any ideas how to match these 4 colors ? tqvm :)

01 March 2011

Time is running out

finally, i cut out the exterior fabric

the lining fabric

place to fold,

Today is 1st march and exactly 1 month after sue from MyBotang organized the sew along reversible bucket bag. bad news is, i am so far behind the timeline, and the good news is finally, i can understand how to cut the fabric by using the pattern given after some Q&A between myself n sue. actually i don't even look at the " place to fold" so i thought my bag will be smaller than others.

thank you so much sue, i just need more pattern to practice. well, i am running out of time and will make sure i can finish making my bag, before 14th march 2011

till then...lets sew the bucket bag.