01 March 2011

Time is running out

finally, i cut out the exterior fabric

the lining fabric

place to fold,

Today is 1st march and exactly 1 month after sue from MyBotang organized the sew along reversible bucket bag. bad news is, i am so far behind the timeline, and the good news is finally, i can understand how to cut the fabric by using the pattern given after some Q&A between myself n sue. actually i don't even look at the " place to fold" so i thought my bag will be smaller than others.

thank you so much sue, i just need more pattern to practice. well, i am running out of time and will make sure i can finish making my bag, before 14th march 2011

till then...lets sew the bucket bag.


MyBotanG said...

Glad you got the pattern right Pah.. nice fabric.. how about the contrast fabric for the edge and handle straps..guna colour apa? can't wait :)

Sharifah said...

tqsm sue.. hahah... nk tergelak pon ade.. punyer la slow i ni..

polka dot brown for handle strap.... is it match?

NYKOLETT said...

Kak rose nak menyibuk lah..kak suka the lining to be the exterior hihihi..anyway it is a sweet combo..have fun sewing

Sharifah said...

kak rose.. a;ahh lebih sesuai.. :) i follow tq :)

Lyana@Mely said...

kak pah...yana ingat nak siapkan gak bag tu..ngah kumpul confident nak binding..tak reti..huhuhuhuh