30 December 2009

BOM 2010

copy dr cik kema... tima kasih cik kema k...

salam.... lama tak online.. sibuk kat kampung... ujung minggu ni baru balik sabah... n bermula la rutin harian... plus BOM ni... memang ternanti2 nk buat

alhamdulillahhh.. tq cik mus.. sediakan carta ni.. n tq sgt2 kat fida yg dah explain kat blog da cara2 nk join BOM ni.... detail dah tuh.. hih tq fida...

so lepas ni bz cari kain la... part yg menarik... n part yg seterus nyer akan lebih menarik..

ok kepada semua peserta.... mari kite meriahkan projek kali ni.

so ini adalah senarai yg perlu cik pah ingat.. :)
  1. Hani - Block Januari, pink, hijau
  2. Musliha - Block Februari, putih, merah, pink
  3. Kak Naiz - Block March, putih, merah,kuning
  4. Kak Aton - Block April, putih pink, hijau
  5. FAWA - Block Mei, putih, pink, biru
  6. Kak Pah - Block Jun, putih, biru, hijau
  7. Kak Dee - Block Julai, putih, biru, turquoise
  8. Cik Kema - Block Ogos, putih, pink,coklat
  9. Aimilia - Block Sepetember, putih, merah, pink
  10. Kak Maz - Block Oktober, putih, brown, turquoise
  11. Fida - Block November, putih, merah, kuning
  12. Kukakuka - Block December, putih, purple, biru

25 December 2009

I am In L.O.V.E

I am in love with this ikea fabric... love the colours , the animal printed..... so i ve decided to make an XL saiz pencil case for my little girl...

for my little angel.. syed zaim mua'dz, just a simple tote to store all his important stuff... :), still using the ikea fabby,

for my cousin , just cant help it... still using the ikea fabric...so i guess this project will wrap up my 2009 sewing project... till then .. happy sewing.. n now im resting :)

24 December 2009

Simple bb Quilt

This is my last project of the year... may 2010 brings lots of happiness to all of us...this white quilt was requested by my friend n she wants it for her unborn baby... but due to some reason.. i added with a little colour using ikea fabric... hope she don't mind n will like it...

I used white ribbon printed cotton from nagoya for the back of the quiilt... really luv the so little ribbon printed on the fabby... cannot show here because im using my mobile phone to snap the photos, hope Deeyana will satisfied with her unborn baby blanket

23 December 2009

Quilt for Ayra Khuzairi

name was embroidered using felt....now its time me trying felt.... really love it,

all my little angel was so happy to take their photo with the quilt.... each one of them ask, if i can make the same quilt for them. :)

the back n a simple pillow case as a gift

18 December 2009

Aleesya's Blanket

assalamualaikum n salam maal hijrah, this is my last gift in 2009.... made for my sis in law little girl, she just 2 months old.... i hope Kak Da will like it ,now im moving on with white bb blanket ordered by my long lost friend.... plan to finish it within this week....

till then... happy sewing

16 December 2009

Roses for Raha

Single rose quilt ordered by sis Raha, hope u will like it sis... n tq.

Free gift for a dear sis, simple purse n pillow case

Back n Front

11 December 2009

Birthday Bag

hi all.... these bag is for my sweet cousin, farah....made for her as a birthday gift this sunday.... hope she will like it..... still working on red rose single quilt.....

08 December 2009

Blanket For Naufal

salam n hello everybody... i manage to finished naufal bb blanket just in time so that my brother can take it home to KL..... met naufal... our 2 months new family member.. Syed Naufal Wafiq b. Syed Nazri

still need more time n patient to sew the name..... im using blanket stitch.... ermmm...need more n more n more practice..... 1 down.. 3 to go.... next will be blanket for Aleesya