10 April 2009

Strawberry Sling Bag

A simple sling bag, made from my previous strawberry printed, i added with tiny bycycle button. I purposely use polkadot for Kamila.

The same sling but with a star printed fabby, to bring slightly different look for Adani
Assalammualaikum n hi to all my friend..
Almost 2 weeks i did not post any entry , due to my hubby laptop "sick". so within that time... im working on my boys comforter... a simple 1, will post later..
Tomorrow my hubby is going to KL, so i ve decided to gift the simple sling bag as a birthday present to my cousin's daughter, Amni Adani where she will be celebrating her 8th birthday next week. Also i made 1 more for Adani's cousin, Kamila. I never gave Kamila my handmade bag, so i thought why not, so both of them can enjoy wearing it.
Well, after this i will be busy with my smocking dress, there are a few need to be done in this short period of time. I mean by end of may, i need to finish sewing the dress. So, i will be attach more into smocking.


niena said...

simply luv it!! akak suka warna dia

Sharifah said...

tq kak.... :)

Tika said...

suke jugak.. sangat suke that pink bicycle kat tgh tu :-)

Sharifah said...

tq tika... a;ahh, kakpah pon suke cute basikal tuh..

Aida said...

sweet strawberries...pah,k.aida pun ada kain ni tapi base colornya biru...tak tau nak buat apa 2mtr pulak tu..cantik bag u...sweetnya

Sharifah said...

kak aida.... kalau kak aida do something w ur sweet srawberries... mesti come out with something i really admires.. hihi

akak buat ape pon pah suke suke suka

Karen said...

Love the bag! and the strawberry fabric.