22 October 2009

The Lucky 10 winners

Well, after more than a week my giveaway took place... so its about time to announce the lucky winner... thank you to all of you who participate n its a great honor knowing you all.

because this was my 1st giveaway, i am sorry if there were mistakes here n there... hope you all enjoy the moment....

by using the random.org, i now pronounce the lucky winners, they are

True Random Number Service

List Randomizer

There were 31 items in your list. Here they are in random order:

there are the 10 lucky winners ( i added another 4 gifts to my friends, hope you like it, and twill post the gifts later tonight )congrats n please email me your address n phone number ok... tq

  1. 1. my rayyan - smocking cushion cover
  2. 2. diahrothman - 1mtr polka dot fabby
  3. 3. syakila - 1mtr black n white fabby
  4. 4. hany - mini pink purse
  5. 5. zai kulim - purple pencil case
  6. 6. trisya aleesa jamil @arween - mini pink purse
  7. 7. azie - bag handle
  8. 8. hobby mummy - 1/2mtr floral fabby ++
  9. 9. lefadesign - 1/2 mtr floral fabby ++
  10. 10.nea flerida - magazine + buttons ++
  11. azzanaz
  12. nea flerida
  13. jom makan
  14. shaparin
  15. hobby mummy
  16. ibu_arifa
  17. trisya aleesa jamil @ arween
  18. diesha
  19. shaparin
  20. lefadesign
  21. rai
  22. nurain
  23. mrs.fedex
  24. alviana
  25. naiz
  26. mama alicianorman
  27. mama alicianorman
  28. inahasan
  29. trisya aleesa jamil
  30. nea flerida
  31. sherry


nEa FleriDa said...

alhamdulillah kiter mng.. ;) tengs akk ;)

DiahRothman said...

Pah, KD menang yer Pah.... best.... Thank you Pah, a birthday gift from you to me..... mmmuahhhh. luv u!

Sherry said...

congrats to winners :)

My Rayyan said...

uuuuuuuuuuuu cik kema berTUAH yea2

Mekacih k.pah muahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Hobby Mummy said...

Pah..seronoknya..patutla tangan nie gatal2 jer :))

Thanks Pah

Azie said...

whoaaa... tq.. tq.. and tq for pakcik random too for picking my name.. the bag handle, really awesome and so timely since i'm going into bag making..

once again, tq pah..