02 March 2009

New Fabric

New fabric for a new project


Anonymous said...


Nice fabrics. Where u bought them? By the way, how much per metre?

Hobby Mummy said...

Pah....cantinyer kain...banyak tu..project apa agaknya yea.

Sharifah said...

hi maz... plan nak buat bag.. pah beli sikit2 jek tu.. hihih nampak jek cam banyak :)

hi ... tq... i bought these fabric at Kuching, where u from n what should i call u?
btw, the price various. rm 12 rm 20 rm 8/mtr

niena said...

is the fabric 100% cotton. if yes then its very very cheap la. Mck ni I yang kena pegi sana beli kain.

Alviana said...

wah kak pah. it's so beautiful i love the pinks. is it american cotton?