30 October 2010

30102010- Pink for Wawa

After 3 to 4 months of not doing any sewing, i forced myself to get wawa single quilt done.... alhamdulillah....after a long search of pink fabric in KK, finally i was happy with the result, i mean another simple square quilt.

i apologized to my new friend here in Tenom, Zahara for waiting so long for the quilt to be done, but as i promised to her, i will get it ready before 3rd nov, which is her lovely wawa's 11th birthday. According to Zahra, wawa love it as her name was specially sewn.

Happy birthday wawa.... sleep tight. :) as for me... still hunting for a nice fabby, and i will continue my passion on sewing......

till then.... welcome back pah

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MamaDaniel said...

sweet roses... :)