05 February 2009

January Block Challenge

Ni 1st block untuk come to my house challenge...simple colour n a bit of embroidery flower at the window. Door knob tu idea hubby kak pah lepas kami tengok2 rumah yg dah siap, emm... nampak mudah tapi kak pah buat 2 3 kali baru dapat rumah nih. tu pon tak cun sangat... emm ok la .. next will be Feb block.
Thanks to Forevergreenquilt, looking forward to February block


DiahRothman said...

Tahniah Pah. Know you can do it. Keep it up, girl!

Kathryn said...

You are so creative! Love your house quilting block.

I stopped by to thank you for helping to promote CropMom, the online scrapbooking site.

Hobby Mummy said...

Pah camana nak join this challenge....cute la block design tu.