11 September 2009

5th Blogoversary By My Little Touch

hi all.... another giveaway from my lovely sister...... sis Azie....so lets move on n take part... n win some of these great giveaway....

My Little Touch Giveaway No. 1 Hexagon Flower Pincushion

My Little Touch Giveaway No. 2 Happy Garden Fat Qtr

My Little Touch Giveaway No. 3 Lizzie*Kate Cross Stitch Chart L*K Love is Best

My Little Touch Giveaway No. 4 10 gm of Japanese Beads which consist of round beads (1 pack), hex beads (1 pack) & 3mm pearls (1 pack)
[Bead colours depends on availability]

My Little Touch Giveaway No. 5
Anchor Tatting Thread (Multi-color) & crochet yarn (light yellow)


DiahRothman said...

Pah, cantiknyer fabric fat quarter tu......!

Nova said...

Cool.May I enter for #5 please?

Sharifah said...

kak dee.. cute kan.. nak kene tanye kak azie ni .. mana dia beli.....

meh kak join kak azie giveaway nih

hi nova.. u can visit her blog k tq

Azie said...

Thanks Pah, for posting about my giveaways. hope you'll win one of them...

Kak Diah,
I bought this fabby some time back from Crafts World SS2. Not to sure if this fabby is available.

Feel free to join my giveaway

Sorry Pah, interfrem kat sini plaks.. raya balik kluang ?