04 July 2011

Sunbonnet Sue Trio

hi all..finally the sunbonnet sue frame is ready.. its been a while since i ve been doing something. Due to some reason, ive decided to frame it instead of sewing it into a bag or a quilt or anything a crafter would think of. the sunbonnet sue aka meksue was in the program 1 day 1 product which i took part recently in the facebook.

Thanks to zilakasim, who created the program. this programe encouraged the selected crafter in making their own, very own handmade. Do check out some of kak aida's creation of sunbonnet sue. She was so good and create lots of superb sunbonnet sue. She really inspired me and my crafter friends to learn more about meksue making

till then, support handmade :D


DiahRothman said...

Yours are lovely too, Pah

mamikelate said...

Puas hati buat sendiri and frame it!

Cik Puan Gaban@Apok Miki said...

Cantik!!! teringin nk mencuba jugak!!!

Precious Crafts said...

I always call her Sue Bonnet, rupanya Sunbonnet Sue pula.... Saya ada template, tp belum start apa2 lg, mudah2an I will be inspired by your work.