14 May 2009

White Smocking Dress for Noralia

oh no, mistakes happens, the bullions is in the wrong position .... what will i do to fix it?.... emmmm.... i realized it when i snap the photos... maybe i just change the leaves, can i? :))

the embroidery

This is my friend, Kak Sofea's daughter dress.... her doter ask her if me, auntie izan can make a white princess dress for her.... so this is the WIP dress.. i want to give a colour to the dress, so the insert is blue n white fabby, hopefully i will finish it n pass to her during this coming school holiday. 1 down,,,, more to go, till then.


Niena said...

Sweetnye pah. Really luv it.

Sharifah said...

tq kak niena....pah ke or dress ni sweet.. hihihi

Alviana said...

sooo cute!
i hope i know how to smock.
i didnt see any wrong with it la kak pah.
looks fine to me :)

Hobby Mummy said...

pah ..cantik sungguh ...pah baju tau :))) hihihi gurau jer

Sharifah said...

alviana.... tq , u will do just fine when u start to smock. :)

masssss... hihih alaaa tau la mas gurau.. ok tq la.. tapi memang payah kali ni sebab pah lama dah stop smocking... last buat nov 08