07 January 2011

Happy New Year- 2011 Project



colourful animal

Happy new year to all my friends out there, its 2011, hoping for a good n prosperous year ahead...as for me, its been a very busy day since the school started. the good news is my eldest son went to a boarding school here in KK. hope he will stay focus to deal with the new environment... i miss him badly :)

And as i ve promised my dear friends to starts sewing a blanket for their beloved ones, here are some of the fabric that i have, not so much choice, but it will be update soonest i get new fabric.

For those who are interested, can pm me and orders available till end of February 2011, tq for your support

till then.... happy sewing n smile always....


NYKOLETT said...

salam cik pah..nice animal prints ya..happy sewing!

Sharifah said...

tq kak rosni...:) ikea tu..beli .. pah beli sikit jek ade tempahan sikit dr kawan...