31 January 2011

"U" shape sling bag

did u see "U" shape?

my 1st handstitch, inspired by maya. thanks maya, will make sure i do a lot of practice

A quilted plain white fabric at the back

the strap with adjuster

zippered sling bag

Hi all..My dear cousin farah wanted a sling bag as she will be performing her "umrah" after she got 7A in her PMR. My 1st attempt making sling bag with adjustable strap n its zippered. The garden design was her ideas and i imagine it, draft it n hand stitch it.

Also she wanted in "U" shape with combination of pink and white fabric. I really hope she will satisfied with the end result.
Wishing u always in good health and all the best. tqvm farah for your support.

Next, i will be sewing another bag and another quilt. Last but not least wishing a very Happy Chinese new year for those who are celebrating.

1 comment:

DiahRothman said...

Assalam Pah. Cantik dan cute bag tu..... Bertuah Farah dan anak yang cerdik dan pandai.... Selamat pergi dan kembali ketanah air buat Farah...

Take care Pah dear.