15 February 2011

My Fabric

this will be my fabric for the reversible bucket bag sew along. i sort of 1 day late as the gathering stage ended 14 feb , but i will try my very best to keep close with the time line listed by Sue. i dont have much choices of fabric at the moment so hopefully this will make a beautiful bag :)

the cutting stage starts from 15 - 21 feb 2011, i have 1 week to do so, hoping that my dear hubby will help me print out the 10 pages instruction and pattern tonight.

really cant wait to start the bag as mila already completed her bag. you are so productive dear congrats.

1 comment:

MamaDaniel said...

Dah pilih kain.. alamak.. saya masih belum decide lagi nih... cantik la fabric roses tu... :D