11 February 2011

Sling for you Lis

double sling for Lis

name embroidered

i made 2 different sizes of sling bag for a friend of mine, Lis. just love the colour chosen by her. i think i need to do the same for my little girl. :)

thanks lis for your support and hope u will be happy with the slings....


Hobby Mummy said...

pah, sling bag memang cute, maz pun kena gak buat untuk anak dara maz, dah merungut dah mama asyik buatkan untuk orang jer :))

Sharifah said...

maz. tu la kannn. emmm kene buat gak ni... :)

a.n.i.Q.u.e said...

Wah, the pink sling is yummy !!! sweet sangat